Anxiety Handling Tips

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indexAnxiety is a “feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.”  All of us have experienced this feeling to some degree or another.

If allowed too much free rein, anxiety can be very destructive.  It generates untold tension in the body.  Over time, this tension becomes habitual, and ends up shaping your life.  Deep down, we lose touch with our instinct and we don’t actually even know if we are anxious or not.

Anxiety can be removed from the driver’s seat and contained.  Doing so provides you the opportunity to view other options that might better serve you in the moment.  Practice the following three steps to increase your anxiety handling endurance:

  • How do you know you are anxious?  Does your heart beat fast, your stomach churn?  Get familiar with your anxiety signs.  Write them down.  Be very detailed.
  • Each time you are aware of this feeling, focus on your feet.  Keep this focus prominent in your mind as long as you can.
  • Be aware of your breathing.  Slow it down.  Breathe as deep as you can, Let it out slow.

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