The New Year Is Here

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Every year we have an opportunity to assess the preceding year and prepare for the next one.  Everyone has their ritual for this.  What is your New Year ritual?

Make New Year resolutions

  • If you vow to do better, acknowledge your strengths, first
  • If you vow to build off of your strengths, be honest about what needs to be improved
  • Once you are aware of your strengths and your needs to improve, set doable steps that will get you where you want to go – don’t sell yourself short
  • Schedule in your daily steps, otherwise they could fall to the wayside

Get in shape

  • All resolutions involve the body – thoughts are not enough
  • All boxers know what kind of cover you use is important – thinking change doesn’t work, gotta feel, be aware of what you are doing
  • Take your gym training into everyday life – it matters how you stand and sit, how you speak up
  • Think of all situations as some form of gym drill

Pass on what you know

  • When you pass on your knowledge you are able to fully claim it
  • Of you are angry, you will pass on anger
  • if you are sad, you will pass on sad
  • Every human experience is passed on – decide what it is you want to pas on

Tend to your elders

  • Be honest about your relationships with your elders
  • Your parents passed on their expertise the best they could
  • Forgive those who came before you
  • Become your own elder in training

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