Organizing the Mental Command Center

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The brain is a physical object that can be seen with the eyes and that can be photographed or operated on in surgery.  The mind is not a physical object, it cannot be seen with the eyes , photographed or repaired by surgery.  It does, however, hold the power of imagination, recognition and appreciation, is responsible for processing feelings and emotions, resulting is signaling the body shape for action.

The mind is very powerful and, if not trained and contained, can be very chaotic and ultimately destructive in the confused signals it sends to the body to implement.  Visualizing the mind as a type of command center is the first step in getting the mind organized.  All command centers have some kind of board.  This could be a chalk board, a big computer screen with voice and touch command or a bulletin board with stick pins and post its.  All incoming thoughts are categorized or filed in some way.  If the thought is a note to  self, put it up on the board.  If it is a calendar item, put it your phone.

If a thought is an idea to consider, pop it into a pot on the front burner for active bubbling, side burner for a slow simmer or on the back burner for later.  All thoughts that trigger off anxiety or other reactions need to be dealt with as soon as possible or they can escalate. The mind must switch to inner coach mode, tell the body to calm down VS tense up.  If the incoming triggers do escalate to flashpoint, and a the body goes into full blown reactive mode, the mind will lock into fight, flee or freeze mode. Eventually, this will pass, and the mind needs to switch to inner coach mode again, to dump judgment and remind the body to calm down.

It’s a busy world.  The mind is busy navigating stress storms, assessing danger, processing details, managing learning curves, and balancing work and home life.  Get some shelves in your mental command center.  Not everything needs to be dealt with all at once.  Some thoughts need to be shelves for the time being.  You can always bring them down for review, later.  And empty the trash cans frequently.  There is a lot of mental chatter going on n the mind..  It becomes clutter that can overwhelm the organization, actually becomes the organization, converting a calm and orderly command center into a chaotic one.

At the end of end of the day,, visualize scrubbing down your mental command center.  slow down and do with love and appreciation.  Your mind is a powerful thing, train it to contain and focus.


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