What Is Story Mapping?

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Cappy’s Boxing Gym trains you to hone your boxing skills.  Stance, effective cover, efficient movement, increasing endurance, developing timing and punch combinations. The life coaching side of Cappy’s is where you sign up for intensive training contact for information  on how to link your gym training to everyday life.

Everyone has a story.  Yours is evident through your perceptions, actions and how you describe what you experienced.  Cappy’s gets you the tools you will need to map your story, make different choices if you want, or strengthen what you already have.  Story mapping is about developing the story behind your shadowbox.  For example, if you tend to experience resistance of one sort or another in everyday life, this habit didn’t come out of nowhere.  The story behind the resistance has been stored in your muscles as a specific body shape.  Resistant body shapes don’t let the punch path through.  Which means your shadowbox will plateau.  Resistance is minimal in boxing.  Sometimes an intentional push is good to adjust the proximity to your target, but for the most part, boxers need to practice fluid movement all the time.

The best way to reduce your use of a resistant body shape is to map your story…First, you train on ways to check into your body.  You upgrade your methods of calming down and get some great tools for identifying & naming persistent patterns you want to interrupt.  In this case, over use of resistance.  Can’t have resistance and flow at the same time!resistance  As you get in better shape, moving from the resistant body shape to the flow body shape gets more comfortable.  You spend less and less time hanging out being resistant to things. more time in the flow of things.  That’s when your shadowbox opens up.

Coach Casey demonstrates opening up the resistant body shape as far as the freeze body shape.  Once he has strengthened this movement range, he will expand the range, or level up!

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