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Live a boxer’s lifestyle is how you take your gym training and apply it to the rest of your life.  You are going to need endurance, visualization muscles, the ability to keep moving and to reduce your fight, flee, freeze tendencies.  One of the main challenges you encounter when laying down your old,defensive ways, are feelings of vulnerability and the inability to protect self.  Yikes!  Pretty terrible combination. But,of you want to live a boxer’s lifestyle, it’s what you do.

To join the Live A Boxer’s Lifestyle Club, you need some basic tools before you hop onto the self awareness path.  Pump up your visualization muscles.  When the going gets rough,  contain the power of the mind, use it intentionally.  The Calm Self Down and Dump It tools are an absolute must.  All that time you’ve spent pounding on heavy bags, expressing yourself, strengthening your resolve to be who you are, underneath, readies you to test your strength in everyday life., You want to know you can calm down and dump judgment when the fight, flee, freeze hits you really fierce, like a sudden storm blasting you to your roots. But, really, a solid Achievement Column is possibly the most important tool of all.

Underneath the surface, our mind weaves complicated stories, then tells the body to assume various shapes to  put the story in action.  For example, “I am really angry but will tell the body to act indifferent.”  The body has to feel angry and act indifferent.  This sets up tension in your muscle organization  If you are angry, feel angry and learn how to contain and use it intentionally, don’t cover it up.  But what if getting angry in the past was a bad experience?  No wonder the mind sends out messages to defend, act indifferent.

The point is, if the story flips around so much, how will you know when you are achieving small steps in laying down fight, flee, freeze?  If you lose sight of your Achievement Column, you lose sight of your training, all the achievements you have gained in forming a mind, body, emotional union.  Your Calm Self Down and Dump It tools will go a long way to keep you on the path, but only the presence of your Achievement Column will finally get your through to the other side of fight, flee, freeze.

Start small.  Visualize a column, provide details.  Those who have come before you have visualized silos, skyscrapers, monuments, totem poles and other.  Visualize your Achievement Column.  It might sound silly, but when you tie your shoe, feel the movements of your body as you do so.  This is an achievement, no matter how small, of self awareness.  Put that achievement in your Achievement Column.  As you go through the day, add up the little achievements of being self aware of what the body is doing.

Reminder:  if you are aware, for example, of your shoulders slumping forward, the kind of endurance you will need, at first, is the ability to feel the shape of the slumped shoulders without moving them.  Visualize your body standing tall without moving there at first. You want the slumped shape to have a conversation with the visualized shape.  That wakes the muscles up.  Once the muscles are receiving signals to engage, you will be able to move from one end of the range to the other.  The ability to keep moving instead of locking into fight, flee, freeze is what brings your boxer to life.  You can’t rely on others to give you praise, but you can rely on your own Achievement Column to remind you of teh strengths you have built and how to continue doing so.silo



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