Anger Marks A Fork In the Path

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Most of us have experienced anger in some form.  Some are quick to anger, others have a long fuse.  Anger can be mild, more impatience, to extreme, blind rage or inner suppression.  It helps, when working with anger, to think of it as marking a fork in the path.  One sign post says take calm action now and the other option is get below the surface and find out what you are really feeling.

Mild anger, impatience, is relatively simple to calm down for more effective action.  Instead of impatience, you might choose asking a question, get more information, or slow down and look at the situation with new perception.  As for getting below the surface of impatience, recall a moment of impatience.  What happened just before you made an impatient remark?  Many people report feeling a situation was unfolding slower than expected.  Well, impatience doesn’t get you there faster.  Your best bet is to slow down, build steps instead of skipping over them.

Extreme anger, whether projected outward or inward is more of a challenge.  By the time rage is ignited or suppressed, it’s difficult to contain the energy in the moment.  You gotta get in shape to do that.  First, it’s important to read the signs of impending emotional flashpoint.  When the signs of escalation show up, slow down!  Check into the body, visualize the sole grid,4qs take a deep breath, visualizing your diaphragm descending on inhale, descending on  exhale.

However, you won’t  be able to contain this extreme energy unless you are able to feel what it is you are actually enraged by,  Rage is a justification for attack because you perceive you were done unto in some way.  Some of the common, under the surface of rage,  feelings, are, feel unheard, feel unloved, feel abandoned, feel scorned.  These can be powerful triggers, each of them a potential flashpoint in its own right.  And, each of these moments is an opportunity to feel the off the grid body shape and visualize the on the grid body shape simultaneously.

For example, a person who feels unheard, either takes the steps to be heard, suppresses the feeling and covers it up with indifference, or  builds toward rage.  The latter two are complex stories that generate tension that pulls the body off the grid.  If you can feel the off grid shape and visualize on grid shape, you begin the process of releasing  rage.roots.

A  grid is a network of lines that cross each other to form a series of squares or rectangles.  Body practitioners use a tic tack toe type grid as one way of viewing body alignment.  Two vertical lines extend up from the heels through the arm sockets, and frame the head.  There is a horizontal line top of the pelvic bowl and top of the shoulder girdle.  When the body alignment is stacked, knees over heels, pelvic bowl over knees, shoulder girdle over pelvic bowl and neck in-line with the spine, the punch path can flow through without restriction.  However, when the body’s tension patterns interrupt the flow, the body is visibly “off the grid”, as noted in slumped shoulders, rounded backs and kicked back pelvic bowls.

Feel off the grid (dysfunctional) and visualize on the grid (functional).


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