“When we are not allowed to experience what we are feeling, we shut down as a way of protecting our self.  As we get older, these once protective habits are nothing more than physical holding patterns, outmoded ways of bracing and resisting.” – Cappy Kotz

Cappy’s Life Coaching started in 2011 as the natural extension to Cappy’s Boxing Gym. Boxers learn how to handle fight, flight or freeze responses through systematic training; they learn how to manage their emotions and relax under pressure. These and other tools are an integral part of converting fear and conflict into calm confidence, even in the heat of the moment.

Life is more complicated than what happens in the ring. It isn’t a competition, though we often see it that way. Life coaching is about equipping you with the tools to step onto the self-awareness path, locate your beacon light on the horizon, and set your course.

Facing challenges in life is like an ongoing gym circuit, with opportunities to exercise at every bend in the road, but you can’t do it alone; friends, family, teams and community are important keys along the journey. Cappy’s Life Coaching can be used as a compass, to help set your course and make it to your beacon light.

For more information on how to get involved, or to schedule with a coach contact cap@cappysgym.com.