Achievement Column

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Live a boxer’s lifestyle is how you take your gym training and apply it to the rest of your life.  You are going to need endurance, visualization muscles, the ability to keep moving and to reduce your fight, flee, freeze … Continued

What Is Story Mapping?

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Cappy’s Boxing Gym trains you to hone your boxing skills.  Stance, effective cover, efficient movement, increasing endurance, developing timing and punch combinations. The life coaching side of Cappy’s is where you sign up for intensive training contact for information  on … Continued

The New Year Is Here

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Every year we have an opportunity to assess the preceding year and prepare for the next one.  Everyone has their ritual for this.  What is your New Year ritual? Make New Year resolutions If you vow to do better, acknowledge … Continued

Story Mapping

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When you plan a road trip you consult road maps.  Road trips provide the framework for a life changing experience.  Road trips connect you with an experience that reaches outside of your habitual box.  Road maps help orient you with … Continued

Cappy Kotz Speaks Up

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2016 has been a tremendous year of growth, success and community connection.  Cappy’s Boxing Gym relocated, is steadily getting in shape for our next and final move in May and is reaching out to the community in new ways.  Boxing … Continued

Reading the Signs

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There are lots of signs.  It’s how you read them that matters.  Common road signs might be: Stop Yield  Turn    Weight Shift        Slow Down           When you step on the self awareness … Continued

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