Achievement Column

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Live a boxer’s lifestyle is how you take your gym training and apply it to the rest of your life.  You are going to need endurance, visualization muscles, the ability to keep moving and to reduce your fight, flee, freeze … Continued

Claiming Your Own Name

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In times of stress and trauma, we resort to our past methods of surviving heightened situations.(your name)  Every individual has an unique response to survival, and this uniqueness is your style.  Rocky Marciano was not seen, at first, as a … Continued

Diaphragm News

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We all know the importance of breath.  If you can’t breathe you die.  The brain can handle a short duration of no oxygen before it shuts down.  When the brain closes up shop, it’s time to go.  Most of us … Continued


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If you are interested in changing your eating, or fueling, habits, seek sustainable change.  Begin by focusing on taking out your judgments of your eating/drinking habits.  Fill out a Fuel Log.  Ask yourself to be honest and objective.  You will … Continued

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