Cappy’s Life Coaching can be utilized in two ways, both as an online resource center, and through personal, hands-on collaboration. Our goal for this site is to gather and share our stories, tips, wisdom and support. We welcome you to utilize Cappy’s Life Coaching as a community hub of information, where you will find:


  • Tools to help you navigate mental, physical, emotional and spiritual fitness.
  • Tips and philosophies for guidance and reflection.
  • Goal-setting methods and techniques for achieving sustainable change


Cappy’s life coaches are also available in a personal, tailored capacity, to help you focus and set your course. What happens in the gym is tied in with what happens in life, and the gym is a great place to practice the idea of showing up to get what you want. Cappy’s life coaches are experts in the fundamentals of self-awareness training, utilizing the philosophy “in life as it is in the ring.” Boxing is about becoming more aware and turning reaction into response, through daily practice and every day movement.

For more information on how to get involved, or to schedule with a coach contact